Why MaidBrite? 9 Reasons ....

1. You Have Better Things To Do With Your Time.

"I don't have time to clean the house..." Sound familiar?  Maybe it's time you joined the 10 million American households who have already turned to professional residential cleaning services as a solution to their time-consuming housecleaning chores.  Here are 8 more important reasons you should let MaidBrite be your solution:

2. We Do it YOUR Way

No two households are exactly the same, even if identical in size and layout. We first visit your home to determine your specific needs. If you have (or had) a cleaning services, we like to learn what you liked of disliked about your previous house cleaners.  Together, we'll determine house best we can meet your needs and expectations. 

3. Consistently Thorough.  

Your customized quotation is transformed into and individualized "work order" for your assigned cleaning team.  Your cleaning team supervisor signs off after ensuring that each item has been looked after before leaving your home.

4. Responsible, Bonded, Insured and Supervised Personnel. 

Our house cleaning staff is screened, professionally trained, covered by workers compensation insurance- and motivated by your satisfaction with their work.  MaidBrite is a locally owned and operated company with Christian-Based values. Our workers are trusted employees- not unsupervised, independent contractors. 

5. We Bring Our Own Equipment and Cleaning Supplies. 

You actually get to stop having to buy all that "stuff" that takes up space under the sink, in your laundry room, garage, or wherever you store your cleaning supplies.  We always bring our own professional cleaning products every time.  The most conscientious and proficient house cleaner can't perform any better than the quality of the equipment or cleaning products being used.  We use professional cleaning tools, equipment, materials, and cleaning supplies that are safe, effective, efficient, and environment-friendly. 

6. We Visit, But We Don't Move In! 

We will spend the necessary time and effort on our first cleaning visit to get rid of all the old dirt, dust, and grime that may have been accumulating for a long time.  Think of it as a "spring cleaning". However because we work in teams and use efficient cleaning methods, when we come to your home each week, or every other week, we won't be in your home (or your hair) all day. 

7. Flexible Scheduling

We will work with you to develop a scheduled to suit your individual needs. Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, move-in & move-out...anytime you need us. 

8. Great Value, Affordable Price. 

Screened, bonded, professionally trained employees. Workers compensation insurance. 1 million General liability insurance policy.  Member of the chamber of commerce. We supply all cleaning equipment, tools and supplies. Quality control procedures.  All this and a guaranteed prisitine-clean home at a competitive price. 

9. Your satisfaction in 100% guaranteed

If your not 100% satisfied, we'll re-clean for free. If you are still not happy we'll return your payment. You can count on us for a quality cleaning each and every time we're in your home. Your assigned team will always show up, neatly groomed and attired, on your scheduled cleaning day. 




  • Polish Furniture
  • Move and clean under furniture
  • edge carpets
  • clean unexposed heat registers/baseboards
  • cobweb patrol
  • dust ceiling fans
  • wash window frames
  • wash door frames
  • wipe kitchen cabinets
  • wash kitchen baseboards/splashboards
  • wipe bathroom cabinets. 


  • Wash windows inside
  • change linens upon request
  • empty, wipe and replace books and items on shelves
  • empty, wipe
  • and replaces items inside cabinets/hutches
  • remove shoes, etc. from closet + vacuum and replace
  • clean inside medicine chests
  • vacuum drapes
  • clean ornate chandeliers
  • remove ashes form fireplace
  • clean inside oven (please run self-cleaners the night before)
  • clean inside refrigerator
  • wash patio door windows inside and out.


  • Empty trash receptacle
  • tub/shower stall
  • commode inside & out
  • lights mirror & counter
  • clean cabinet exteriors
  • paper holder/towel racks
  • vacuum & mop floors & rugs
  • dust exposed heat registers & baseboards


  • Empty trash receptacle
  • clean countertops
  • clean small kitchen appliances
  • microwave inside and out
  • stove exterior & inside oven window
  • refridgerator exeterior & rubber seals & air vents
  • cabinet exteriors
  • sink faucet and drain
  • dust window sills vacuum and mop floors
  • dust exposed heat registers & baseboards
  • washer & dryer exteriors


  • Empty trash receptacle
  • dust furniture
  • vacuum carpets
  • dust exposed heat registers & baseboards
  • dust light fixtures
  • lampshades & artwork
  • dust blinds


  • Empty trash receptacle
  • tub/shower stall
  • commode inside & out
  • lights mirror & counter
  • clean cabinet exteriors
  • paper holder/towel racks
  • vacuum & mop floors & rugs
  • dust exposed heat registers & baseboards


  • Dust furniture
  • dust light fixtures
  • dust lamp shades
  • artwork
  • dust exposed heat registers & baseboards